Black Forest Section 16

Black Forest Section 16 is one of the Section 16 parcels set aside by the state. This one has a nice 4 mile trail that loops the perimeter of the parcel. It is a gentle trail, wide and providing plenty of shade for those hot sunny days. It is a multiuse trail so expect mountain bikes, hikers, runners and horses.

Altitude Profile
TrailHead Coordinates
Start Elevation
7425 ft
Highest Elevation
7620 ft
Lowest Elevation
7410 ft
Elevation Gain/Chg
365/730 ft
Current Weather
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Trailhead / Access

Black Forest Section 16 is out to the northeast of Colorado Springs. Easiest route would be to take Woodmen Rd east to Black Forest Road and turn left (north). Take the next right onto Vollmer Road. Follow Vollmer Road to Burgess Road (about 4.5 miles) and turn left. The Traihead parking is on the right about 1/4 mile on Burgess.

Trail Summary

Sections are 1 square mile parcels of land. It stand to reason that a trail that follows the perimeter would be about 4 miles and this is the case. The trail winds through stands of lodgepole pine trees which provide a nice amount of shade. This is much appreciated during the hotter days of July and August. The trail is wide with a rolling hills. If you go the clockwise direction, the first 3 miles will gain altitude then finish with a series of descents. The center of the area is fenced off and there seems to be no public trail access through the middle of the parcel.

Following the course in the counter clockwise direction, the course is will be uphill for the 1st mile of so then gradually descend for most of the rest of the loop. Going counter-clockwise, it is mostly uphill but more gradual.

Personal Notes

A little farther out than many of the courses I use but it would be nice on those hotter days with full sun since it has plenty of lodgepole pines to provide shade.