Peregrine Loop

Ride Summary

The Peregrine Loop is about a 7 mile road loop around the Peregrine subdivision area. It is a short ride but has a couple of decent climbs to make you work and a long descent to test your nerves. I find it a good ride for days when I just want to clear the cobwebs and test my anaerobic system. The climbs make me breathe hard. The Roads are wide so I feel this is one of the safer areas for road rides. Because of the descents, you need to be sure of your equipment. A blowout on the descents could yield some serious road rash.

Trailhead / Access

The starting point for this ride is the shopping center at Centennial and Vindicator. Since this is a shopping center, use a little discrecion on where you park. There are some spaces right by the entrance off of Centenial that are far enough from any of the stores not to be used except under the busiest of conditions. I usually park there.

Course - 6.7 miles

Starting from the shopping center, turn left out of the entrance and proceed up Centennial Blvd. The first part is a climb that will last for about a mile with a short descent, followed by some more climbing. In the first 2.5 miles, you will mostly be climbing.

When you reach the 2nd Blodgett Drive intersection, you have topped out. There is a small park on the left and the road will start down and continue to descend for the next 1.25 miles. At the bottom of the descent, you will reach Woodmen Valley Park. I usually turn right here and follow Orchard Valley Rd.

Orchard Valley will wind around a bit and you will come to a stop sign. Here you will turn right. For the next .75 miles, you will be in the second climb of the ride. The climb gradually get steeper with the worse section in the last .25 miles. I found myself debating if walking made more sense here but did manage to crest before I could convince myself. To someone who rides a lot, it is not that bad but if you are a more casual rider, this section will test you.

By riding this loop hard, you can get a good workout when you need to do something quickly because of other commitments. There are other streets that can be added into the ride to make it into a longer ride and I will document some of these at a later time.

Terrain View Street view