Cottonwood Park Trails

The Cottonwood Park and associated trails are an urban trail system that offers several different trail options. Located in the northeast part of Colorado Springs, it has convenient access and ample parking. Park space offers other amenites to family making it the place for a full day of activity.

Trailhead / Access

Access to Cottonwood Park is best done at the central park complex located at Rangewood and Dublin. There are several parking lots to choose from. My choice is to take take the small streen just to the west of the complex and choose the first lot. It offers easy access to the trail and park facilities. There are a number of paths through the park complex area so just about any lot will work fine.

Trail Description

The trail detailed on the map is a short one, paved and fairly flat. From the parking lot, take the trail to the east and follow it around to the underpass for Rangewood. On the other side, the trail curves around to the north and it is a straight shot up to Woodmen Road. If you want to explore further, the trail picks up on the other side of Woodmen Road and heads northeast. I have not followed that part of the trail yet.

If instead of heading east, you head to the west, the trail follows the creek down to Union Blvd and you can cross the creek and come back on the other side to Rangewood.

Cottonwood trail continues on the other side of Union Blvd, crossing can be done at the traffic light just north of where the trail intersects with Union Blvd. Since Union Blvd is heavily travelled, it is recommended that the crossing is done at the light. West of Union, the trail follows the creek on the south side up to Academy Blvd. It is paved and wide, good for family hiking. Houses line the south side of the trail and the creek in on the northside.

At Academy Blvd, a sign directs you to the traffic light at Dublin which is about a block south. It seems to imply that the trail continues there but it really does not. Plans are to continue the trail to the Greenway trail by Zios. From that side, the trail east along Cottonwood creek ends at Vincent Drive. Thre is nothing that I would describe as a trail between this point and Academy. There was work done last year along the creek bed for flood control but I do not expect much activity on building trail along here until the economy improves.