Intemann Trail

The Intemann Trail is a five mile trail that stretches from Section 16 Trail to Iron Springs in Manitou Springs. Currently, the trail is blocked just past Crystal Park Road by private property.It is maintained by the Intemann Trail Committee and they work hard to keep it in good condition. It is a good trail, single track with a lot of ups and downs. Most of the trail is good, a few places are more rocky and steep but too much to affect your experience.

Altitude Profile
TrailHead Coordinates
Start Elevation
6645 ft
Highest Elevation
7040 ft
Lowest Elevation
6645 ft
Elevation Gain/Chg
395/1325 ft
Current Weather
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Trailhead / Access

The east access point if from the Section 16 trail head. The Section 16 trail intersects with the eastern end of the Intemann Trail about 1/2 mile from the trail head. The intersection is well marked. The Intemann trail proceeds west towards Crystal Park and Manitou Springs.

Trail Description

The trail winds its way along the side of a ridge to the south and alternates between open hill and treed areas. Most of the trail is wide single track. A couple of rocky steep sections can be found along the way and the trail descends steeply into the Crystal Park Road area. I did not follow it further but the trail only goes a short distance more before being blocked by private property.

On the trip back, I took the Intermittent Falls trail which climbs steeply to an area where you can view the Falls. The Falls are mostly in the spring with the runoff. During the late summer, it is pretty dry. The trail will join back with the Intemann Trail about 3/4 mile from the trail head. This loop is steeper and more rocky than the main Intemann. There are warning signs for the danger to horses for this section.