Rockrimmon Trail

Trailhead / Access

The Rockrimmon Trail can be access from the west end at Foothills Park / School and at the East End at Golden Hills Park. There are some other access points but these areas offer access near the end points.
To get to the trail, take I25 to Woodmen Road and follow Woodmen west to Rockrimmon Blvd then to Allegheny. Turn right on Allegheny and follow the street about 1 mile to the school. Depending on the time and date, parking at the school would only be good when it is not in session. A lot of people who access the park ajacent to the school park on Allegheny at the far west side of the park. My map shows me from the school since it was a Sunday. If instead of taking Rockrimmon Blvd to Allegheny, if you turn left at Delmonico and go about a mile. There is a park on the left side a block past the 1st stop light and parking is available there. This will put you about 1/4 mile west of the end point of the trail.

Trail Summary

The Rockrimmon Trail is an urban trail. That is, it winds along a small creek / drainage behind the housing areas. It is a wide trail, about 15 feet across and of crushed stone composition. The one negative on this trail is that it crosses Rockrimmon Blvd. There is a light about 100 yards or so that would permit safer crossing than attempting a crossing where the trail hits the street. There is also a crossing at Delmonico where it enters Golden Hills Park and that also has a light just 100 yards or so for safe crossing.

Rockrimmon Trail

Starting at Foothills park, the trail will wind is way east to southeast behind the houses. It follows a small creek that in the spring has some water flowing but I doubt that this will remain wet through the summer. The area is quite wide in most places giving one a sense of quiet but not isolated. It is gentle sloped and well maintained. This makes it a good trail for evening walks with kids and dogs. At Golden Hills Park, the trail becomes a little narrower but is concrete at this point. It skirts the perimeter of the park on the north side and ends at the pavilion/restroom area.

At this point, the trail turns into a single track dirt trail. I think that this is the official end of the trail. It is only the single track portion that has any difficult terrain. The single track portion of the trail that goes east from the park is undeveloped. It appears to be a trail created by local use and it ends at Mark Dabling Road. Caution is advised as it crosses the trail track at this point and there is no signals or public crossing gates. This seem like the natural direction of the Rockrimmon Trail when it is developed in this section but as of now, it is not part of the trail. In the future, this section could easily be extended to the Greenway trail.

In this section, I noted a number of side trails that would make good challenges for mountain bikers looking to work on their climbing skills. There is also an area that looks like a bmx obstacle course area. Dirt has been piled up and sculpted to make some obstacles and jumps. I had not heard of this area so I am not sure of its status or availability to the public.