Seven Bridges Trail

The Seven Bridges Trail is just west of Cheyenne Canyon. It is a 1.5 mile course that follows the waters of one of the tributaries of Cheyenne Creek. The Trails is named for the seven bridges which span the creek along the one mile as it follows the creek. The trail is easy to moderate. It climbs most of the way outbound, making for an easy return. Access to water for most of the route makes this a favorite for dogs. The course has nice shade. A nice hike or run.

TrailHead Coordinates
Start Elevation
7645 ft
Highest Elevation
8180 ft
Lowest Elevation
7645 ft
Elevation Gain/Chg
395/1325 ft
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Trailhead / Access

Access to Seven Bridges is via the trailhead / parking lot at the intersection of Gold Camp Road, High Drive, and Cheyenne Canyon. this is about 1/2 mile above St Helens Falls. The easiest road access is via Cheyenne Canyon. Gold Camp and High Drives are not paved and narrow in places.

Trail Description

The trail takes off from the southwest corner of the parking area. There is a gate to keep vehicular traffic off the road that marks the start. The first 1/2 mile of the trail follows Gold Camp Road. At the half mile point, look for a trail that takes off to the right. There are actually 2 trails, the first is not marked and will join the main trail and the second is the actual trail.

From this point, the seven bridges will span the creek over the next mile. Several of the bridges are "nohands" bridges and the rest have rails. None are very high off the water. I followed the trail in late August and the creek was running strongly so I feel comfortable in stating that the water is always around.

The trail climbs and turn for about a mile, with no parts being difficult. At 1 mile, the trail ends and the 622 trail takes off to the right. 622 trails is less maintained and a bit steeper. It climbs up to the top of the ridge altho I only went about 1/3 of a mile to check it out. According to other maps, it will join up with the planned Ring the Peak Trail but I do not know if it is marked at this point.

The map shows the additional 1/3 mile of the trail and I took a right on Gold Camp Road after getting back down and took it to the point where the trail to St Mary's Falls starts.