Sinton Trail

Trailhead / Access

The best Sinton Trail Trailhead is at Goose Gossage Park. The trail start/ends at the Greenway Trail. To get to the park, You can take I-25 to either Filmore or Garden of the Gods Road and head east. From Filmore, you will want to turn north, at Mark Dabling Road. From Garden of the Gods Road, you will turn east and go 2 lights to Mark Dabling Road and turn south. Just north of the ball diamonds, you can find parking on the west side of the street. The trail is just north of this parking and follows the east/west creek.

Trail Summary

The Sinton trail is an urban trail that winds along the creek/drainage area west of the Greenway trail. By urban trail, I mean that it is paved but does not permit motorized vehicles. It runs along drainage up to the Intel Facility on Garden of the Gods Road. The trail is a band of greenway between houses and apartments and some industrial areas. It has a couple of street level crossings that make it less desireable that other trails.

Course - 5.0 miles

The trail is about 2.5 miles one way and is generally a slight uphill grade heading west. The trailhead has good parking. The parking is used for the baseball diamonds and the trail access. To find the trail, you would turn north from the parking lot and follow the sideway about 100 yards across the drainage and the trail takes off to the west at that point.

You will cross under the railroad tracks and skirt Sinton Pond then the trail will turn north and quickly west again. This section parallels the street for about 1/4 mile and crosses the street (Chestnut) before continuing. It looks like the city has widened the walkway along the street quite a bit from how it was in the past. Now it is a 8 ft wide concrete walkway up to the street crossing. In the past you had to use a narrow sidewalk or the bike lane on the street. It is much more pedestrian frendly now.

After crossing Chestnut Street, the trail continues along with one more street crossing where it looks like the put in a small concrete island in mid street for extra traffic control. The trail will then pass under Centenial Blvd in a narrow steel tunnel and continue to the Intel Blds. Just past the Intel area, the trail turns north and runs into Garden of the Gods Road. You can continue along Garden of the Gods Road up to 30th street. I look like the sidewalk is available. This would take you up to where you can pick up a trail heading south that parallels 30th street and connects with the trail along Mesa Road and the trail into the Garden of the Gods. br>