Trail Race Links


Since I usually have my Garmin watch on during some of the races I have done in Colorado and other locations, I thought it might be useful to map these events here on the website. I do not do a lot of races any more so this page will grow slowly. If you are considering a particular race, I Hope it will provide help you in planning for the race. In trail races, I think in important to know what the trail conditions and layout is so that you can tailor you training to match the conditions you will encounter.

There are many more trail races to be found in Colorado. I have listed some that I am most familiar with on this webpage. Not all races will have current information. Many races do not update their webpages for a while after the current years race has completed. When new race information becomes available, I will update the links to reflect the new data.

The list of the races is at the right of the map. Clicking on a race with open the info box for that race and clicking on the race within the info box will take you to the races webpage where you can find more information on the race.

The follow table provides some summary data about the trails to help you determine the suitablity of a particular trail to your plans. I have broken them down a little into the types of trails that best describes the type of trail you will find. Distances are given as round trip for out/back trails. Where there are multiple trail choices, a range of distances are given.

Colorado Springs Trail Races

Local trail races for the Colorado Springs Area.

Race Name Link Type Distance Elevation Gain
ADT Marathon ADT Marathon Home Page Marathon 26.2mi

Colorado Trail Races

Trail races in Colorado but outside of Colorado Springs

Race Name Description Type Distance Elevation Gain
Collegiate Peaks Collegiate Peaks Trail Run Ultra 25 & 50mi 3284ft
Pony Express Run Pony Express Run Long 15mi 700ft
Pueblo Half Marathon Pueblo Half Marathon Half Marathon 13.1mi 570ft
Silverton 1000 Silverton 1000 Multiday Event 1mi Loop 275+ft/loop

Out of State Trail Races

Races in other states or countries.

Race Name Link Type Distance Elevation Gain
Free State Marathon Free State Marathon Lawrence KS Marathon 26.2
Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run Psycho Wyco Kansas City KS Multi Distance