Colorado Springs Trail Map

Notice:Some of the features of this website are currently not functioning. Major changes in Google's mapping software will require a rewrite of this website. Until this is completed, I hope the remaining information is of value to the users of this site.

Welcome to Trail Maps. This Trail Map can be used to help find trails in the Colorado Springs area. Each marker defines a trail location for trails in the general Colorado Springs area. The map uses the standard Google map tools so you can scroll up/down, right/left and zoom in/out to help you find the area and related trails that you are considering for a hike, bike or run.

The list of trails to the right of the map when clicked will open an info box associated with the icon for that trail. In the info box, you can click on the trail to get to the trail specific page or use the google direction to here / from here to get driving directions to the trailhead location. Be aware though that Google Map directions can sometime choose "roads" that are not a good choice. It seems to not know the difference between some of the smaller roads and "jeep" roads where 4-wheel and high clearance might be needed.

If you are unsure of where a trail is or are looking for a trail in a specific area, click on one of the markers on the Google Map and it will tell you what trail it is. One word of caution, some of the directions from Google maps may use roads that are not suitable for standard vehicles which I discovered when testing some of the routes. This is because of the location of the trailheads being sometimes in remote areas may have "roads" leading to it that are not good roads.

I think that the visual layout will make it easier to find a trail within a specific area. I have also put a table of trails below the map with some specific details of each trail to help in deciding if a particular trail would be a good choice for you.

A word of caution: The assessment of the difficulty of a trail is based on my assessment of the trail. It is not intended to be more than a guide to the trail based on type of trail, elevation change, and location. Some trails may have places where the difficulty is more than the overall assessment and you should expect that this might be the case since most trails are not uniform in nature. If you feel uncomfortable about a trail , please respect your feelings and not continue on that trail. Many of the trails in this area can have sections that are at a more difficult level than the overall difficulty level for the entire trail. If you think my rating for a trail is out of line, please drop me an email or go to the forum at and leave a comment. Comments about trail conditions and other useful information would also be appreciated by myself and other trail users.

Trails listed by Type

The following table provides some summary data about the trails to help you determine the suitablity of a particular trail to your plans. I have broken them down into the types of trails that best describes location/setting of the trails you will find at that location. Distances are given as round trip for out/back trails. Some of the locations will have multiple trail choices. I will try to give a range of distances for the trails.

Urban Trails

Urban trails generally will be found in subdivision locations. The trails will usually wind around between houses and follow some terrain feature such as a creek bed.

Trail Name Description Type Difficulty Distance Elevation Gain
Cottonwood Park Trail Northeast trail, Gentle paved trail with some street crossings Urban 1 2.5mi 90ft
Foothills Trail Mountain Shadows trail, Gentle terrain, some street crossings Urban 1-2 1.0mi 250ft
Rockrimmon Trail Central Rockrimmon trail, Gentle terrain, some street crossings Urban 1-2 2.8mi 330ft
Sinton Trail North Central location, paved surface with gentle terrain. Some street crossings Urban 1-2 5.0mi 500ft
North Douglas Creek North Central location, mostly paved surface with gentle terrain. Some street crossings Urban 1-2 2.25mi 175ft

City Parks and Trails

City Park trails will be found in the major parks within the Colorado Springs city limits and other city locations. These trails tend to be more difficult than the urban trails but less than some of the more remote trails within and outside of the city limits.

Trail Name Description Type Difficulty Distance Elevation Gain
Blodgett Open Space Northwest location, unpaved trails, good views City Trail 3-5 3-6mi 700ft
Blodgett AFA Northwest location on Academy, unpaved trails, rolling terrain City Trail 3-5 3-8mi 750ft
Quarry Trail Northwest, Single track, dirt, steep in parts County Trail 3-6 5.0mi 2675ft
Garden of the Gods westside location, unpaved trails, views of the rock formations City Park 2-4 4-7mi 750ft
Hole in the Wall Northwest location, unpaved trails, views of the rock formations Informal Trails 2-4 3-5mi 700ft
Intemann Trail Westside location, single track, views of the rock formations Informal Trails 3 5mi 400/1325ft
North Greenway Trail Central spline, paved and unpaved sections, gentle terrain City Trail 1-2 1-15mi 350ft
Palmer Park East Central location, Lots of unpaved trails and good views City Park 2-4 4-6mi 500ft
Pulpit Rock North Central location, Mixed trails and rock formations City Park 2-6 3-7mi 600ft
Red Rocks Canyon Westside location, Lots of unpaved trails and good views City Park 2-5 2-6mi 800ft
Seven Bridges Westside location, Unpaved trail, running water and good views City Park 2 3mi 530ft
Ute Valley Park Northwest location, unpaved trails and good views City Park 2-5 2-6mi 700ft

County Parks and Trails

County trails are trails found within the County Regional Parks and other county locations. These are similar to the ones for the city parks but a little more of a drive to reach.

Trail Name Description Type Difficulty Distance Elevation Gain
Black Forest Section 16 Northeast Colorado Springs, Black Forest Open Space, Developed trails County Trail 1-3 4mi 365ft
Blodgett Peak Northwest Colorado Springs, west of Blodgett Open Space, undeveloped trails National Forest Trail 7-9 5mi 2295ft
Cheyenne Mtn Southern location, developed trails, Fee to enter Park required County Trail 2-5 2-10mi 1000ft
Falcon Trail Northern location, developed trail, Loop around AFA County Trail 3-5 13.0mi 1900ft
Mt Herman Loop Monument, single track trail around Mt Herman County Trail 6-8 11.0mi 2035ft
Palmer Lake Trail Palmer Lake reservoir, unpaved trail through reservoir and beyond County Trail 4-7 6.0+mi 1265ft
Santa Fe Trail Northern location, wide developed trail with multiple access points for shorter options County Trail 2-3 34.0mi 1300ft
Stanley Canyon Air Force Academy, unpaved trail to Stanley Reservoir County Trail 4-7 4.2mi 1550ft
St Mary's Falls Cheyenne Canyon, unpaved and single track to Falls County Trail 5 6mi 1550ft
West Monument Creek 713 Air Force Academy, unpaved trail to Rampart Reservoir area County Trail 5-8 5.5mi 1450ft

Other Trails

Other trails will be found outside the county but still quite accessible by a short drive. At the current time I am not planning to include trails that require more than 2 hours of driving time to reach the trail head but this may change in the future.

Trail Name Description Type Difficulty Distance Elevation Gain
Dawson Butte Ranch OS Douglas County, gentle single track loop trail Other 1-2 5.00 mi 200ft
The Incline Manitou Springs, very steep climb, rough conditions Other 6-8 2.75 mi 2000ft
Greenland-Kips Loop North of Colorado Springs, Open meadows, gentle terrain Other 2-3 8.5mi 675ft
Greenland-Spruce Meadows North of Colorado Springs, Open Meadows, gentle terrain Other 2-3 8.5mi 985ft
Greenland-Spruce Mountain North of Colorado Springs, Popular hiking and running spot Other 2-4 4.5mi 685ft
Rampart Reservoir Woodland Park, Loop along edge of a large reservoir, scenic views. Other 2-4 14.5mi 1300ft
Schubarth Trail Woodland Park, Jeep road/trail at north side of Rampart Reservoir Other 2-3 4.0+mi 450ft
Waldo Canyon Closed until further notice due to fire and flood danger Other 3-5 7.0mi 1420ft